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Our Mission

Prancing Poodle’s mission is to help you help your pets live their best life. Our personalized service to pets and their parents is unsurpassed.

Our business has grown because of our love for companion animals. We understand how difficult it can be to leave your pets at home, whether you are away for the day or traveling for an extended period of time. We are dedicated to providing and maintaining a stress-free, loving, and familiar environment for your pets. Our knowledge and investment in continuing education in pet care, nutrition, and safety ensures that every pet in our care has dedicated friend and guardian and provides you, our client, with peace of mind.

Julie Duke, Owner

When I started Prancing Poodle in 2015,  I created the service I needed but couldn’t find when I had to juggle a busy professional career with caring for four dogs.

The joy I experienced from my own dogs ignited my passion for animal welfare advocacy.  I truly love caring for animals.

Caring for my own dogs and running this business keeps me busy, but I enjoy driving volunteer transports for rescued dogs in my free time and I foster abused and senior dogs.  I enthusiastically support animal welfare causes; volunteering and contributing to a variety of animal welfare organizations.

Apart from animal welfare, my other passions include French culture, European antiques, the performing arts, and gardening.

Professional and Volunteer Associations:

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There When You Need Us Most

Our Pet Care Assistants are mature, experienced, responsive, and reliable caregivers.  You will feel confident about entrusting your pet(s) and your home to their care, secure in the knowledge that they will do everything that is needed to safeguard and care for your pets and your property in your absence.

You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that Prancing Poodle will be there when you need us with service that meets and exceeds your expectations.


Pet Care Assistant

Rhonda Neff

Rhonda is a Lansing resident who lives with her senior dog Daisy and two cats, Knox and Ami-Lou. In addition to her duties at Prancing Poodle, Rhonda is a staff member at the Capital Area Humane Society, where she works in Animal Care.  Working with animals is her passion.  At the shelter, she shares her love with the animals and treats them with the same care she gives her own pets.  Rhonda also spent several years as a volunteer with cat rescue organizations.

Rhonda brings experience and passion to her pet care duties at Prancing Poodle.  She enjoys working with clients to assure that all their pet care needs are met.

About The Prancing Poodle

prancing poodle photoD’Bara Mardi Le Beau was the dog who entered my life and changed everything.  Bred to be a show dog, Mardi grew too tall for the breed standard, so his breeder wanted to rehome him as a pet.

He was six months old when I first saw him. He crawled into my lap and settled right
down.  He was the most beautiful dog I had ever seen.  Mardi went home with me that day and changed my life forever.  He was a one-person dog and I was his person.  He taught me about the unconditional love dogs have for their people.

When Mardi walked, he did the “poodle prance” perfectly.  He was glorious.

Mardi was with me for 17 years.  We fought off worsening heart failure for many years, but in the end he left me for the Rainbow Bridge and took a piece of my own heart with him.

Today my pack includes three rescues and one pure-bred puppy – Callie, Jessica Sue, Sylvie, and Phillip –  who fill my days with love and delight.  But Mardi will always have a special place in my heart.  So, when I decided to start this business, “Prancing Poodle” was my first choice for the name.  I like to think that Mardi is always with me, prancing at my side.

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