Cat Sitting

We are CRAZY about cats.

Big cats, little cats, friendly cats or shy cats…

Cat Sitting In The Greater Lansing, MI Area

We meet cats on their own terms and work to ensure that they flourish until your return. Besides refreshing food and water and cleaning litter boxes, we play with them and make sure we set eyes on them every day.

We understand that cats have individual levels of need when it comes to human interaction. We take our time getting to know your kitty. Whatever level of interaction they require is what we provide. We want them to learn at a minimum that we are safe and a source for comfort, even if that means only providing fresh food, water, and litter daily.

We enjoy getting to know our feline clients and provide them with care that is comforting in your absence and supportive of good behaviors. We depend on you to provide us with the information necessary to ensure that we meet their care requirements. We can care for cats only if they are current with all necessary immunizations.

We require a minimum of one daily visit for cats in our care.

Cat Sitting Services In Lansing, MI Area

Drop-In Cat Care Services

Drop-In Services provide a quick check-in. This is a perfect choice for cats that require only a litter cleaning and food and water refresh.  Drop-In Service is available only within a 10-mile radius of Okemos.   

Drop-In Service – $20

Drop-In Cat Care Services

Cat Sitting Services

Cat Sitting Services provide 30 minutes (Standard) or 60 minutes (Extended) of playtime, food and water refreshing as necessary, and clean-up of the cat’s environment.

Standard Sitting Service – $25

Extended Sitting Service – $45

Cat Sitting services

Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi Service is provided to transport your cat to and from the groomer or vet appointments.
Pet Taxi - Cat Taxi

We consider the following to be our major annual holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. A $10 fee is added to daytime services provided on those days and a $15 fee is added to overnight services. 100% of these holiday fees are paid to Pet Care Assistants.

Book a Free Consultation

A free consultation is the first step of our process. Following the consultation, you will be asked to complete an on-line profile in our scheduling application. After that, you can book the services you need. We are then available to help with your pets on an as-needed basis. A simple call, an email, or submitting our on-line contact form is all it takes to start the process.