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We LOVE dogs.
Lap dogs are our specialty, regardless of their breed or size.

We will spend time getting to know your dogs to provide them with care that is comforting in your absence and supportive of their good behavior training.  We depend on you to provide us with the information necessary to ensure that we meet their care requirements, prior to commencing our services.  No service will be provided without the satisfactory completion of an initial consultation and the execution of our contract and associated paperwork.

Dogs under our care must live inside and be up-to-date on their vaccinations and immunizations.

We require a minimum of three daily visits for dogs who are alone in their house, crated or free roaming, when their owners are away for 16 hours or more.

Playtime Service

Standard Playtime Service – $20
20 Service Package – $380

Extended Playtime Service – $35
20 Service Package – $665

Playtime Services are for dogs that do not require a walking service.  We provide 30 minutes (Standard) or 60 minutes (Extended) of playtime, refresh food and water as necessary, and clean-up the pet’s environment.

Walking Service

Standard Walking Service – $30
20 Service Package – $570

Extended Walking Service – $45
20 Service Package – $855

Walking Services include 20 minutes (Standard) or 50 minutes (Extended) of walking and playtime, with 10 minutes for refreshing food and water and clean-up.

Weight Control Walking Service

Weight Control Walking Services (Walkies) include an aerobic component to your dog’s walk.  We offer a five-week, five-day-a-week weight reduction walking program that is undertaken with the approval of your vet and offers a sustained activity level for weight loss.

These walking programs are developed specifically to meet the needs of your dog, so please contact us for more information.

Overnight Service

$85 and up

Overnight Services provide a complete care package for your pets in your absence and house-sitting services for your property.  Your pets will be safe and secure in their own home.  In addition to spending the night with your pets, each Overnight Service includes three visits/walks for your pets in the morning, mid-day, and evening. Additional required services can be added at the per-service fee.

Pet Taxi


Pet Taxi Service is provided to transport your dog to and from the groomer or vet appointments.

Puppy Package


Puppy Services help you crate train your new puppy.   We will stop by three times daily for 30 minutes to take the baby out and clean up any messes.