DOG Sitting

Every dog is special to us.

We love ALL dogs, regardless of their breed or size.

Dog Sitting In The Greater Lansing, MI Area

We will spend time getting to know your dogs to provide them with care that is comforting in your absence and supportive of their good behavior training. We provide for all of their daily needs and interact with them to ensure that they know they are safe and loved while you are away.

We depend on you to provide us with the information necessary for us to meet your dog’s care requirements. We provide reports and photos/videos after every visit to update you on how your dog is doing. Adjustments to their care regimen can be done easily and quickly.

Dogs under our care must live inside and be up-to-date on their vaccinations and immunizations.

The happiness and health of your dog is our primary concern. Generally, we require a minimum of three daily visits for dogs who are alone in their house, crated or free roaming, when their owners are away for 24 hours or more.

Dog Care Services In Lansing, MI Area

Dog Sitting Service

Pet Sitting Services are perfect for dogs that do not require a walking service. We provide 30 minutes (Standard) or 60 minutes (Extended) of playtime, refresh food and water as necessary, and clean-up the pet’s environment.

Standard Sitting Service – $25
20 Service Package – $450

Extended Sitting Service – $40
20 Service Package – $720

Dog Sitting

Overnight Dog Care

Overnight Service combines a complete care package for your dog and house-sitting services for your property. Your dog remains safe and secure in its own home and its usual care regimen is maintained.

Overnight Service provides services to start and end your dog’s day in addition to an 8-hour in-home overnight stay. Additional visits throughout the day may be added at a per-service fee, but a minimum of one standard mid-day visit is required for each overnight service booked. 

We also offer a limited number of Pet Nanny services for combined day/night care.

We will pick up your mail and newspapers, water indoor plants, rotate lights and window covers, and set out your garbage at no additional cost.

Starting at $85 

overnight dog care

Puppy Care Services

We will gladly help you train your new puppy. We will stop by throughout the day to take the baby out to take care of “business” and clean up any messes that might occur. We will also reinforce your training activities. Price is determined by the number of daily visits required. Puppy prices are offered for dogs 6 months old and younger.

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Puppy Care

Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi Service is provided to transport your dog to and from the groomer or vet appointments.
Pet Taxi

We consider the following to be our major annual holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. A $10 fee is added to daytime services provided on those days and a $15 fee is added to overnight services. 100% of these holiday fees are paid to Pet Care Assistants.

Book a Free Consultation

A free consultation is the first step of our process. Following the consultation, you will be asked to complete an on-line profile in our scheduling application. After that, you can book the services you need. We are then available to help with your pets on an as-needed basis. A simple call, an email, or submitting our on-line contact form is all it takes to start the process.