Dog Walking

Every dog is special to us.

We love ALL dogs, regardless of their breed or size.

Dog Walking in the Greater Lansing, MI Area

Your dog is your best friend. Help him live a longer, happier, and healthier life with a daily dog walk.  

But what if you don’t have the time to fit in a mid-day walk with your canine companion? A quick walk in the morning before you head out to work and another quick walk at the end of the day when you’re tired isn’t ideal for your dog.  Even if you are working from home these days, making time in the middle of the day for a nice walk can be really difficult.  And what about the rain, or the snow, or those 90-degree days?

If you don’t have time to walk your dog yourself, we will save you time and trouble by taking care of this for you. Hiring us to take over your mid-day dog walking duties will provide important health benefits, as well as lots of fun, for your favorite pooch.


Dog Walking Services

Our one-on-one dog walks are 30, 45, and 60-minutes in length and are fully customizable to your dog’s needs. If you need us to help reinforce training, we’re on it.  If you’d like us to feed a meal, we’ll do that. We wipe paws, refresh water, and bring in the mail and packages.

Our Adventure Walk service offers a unique and exciting 2-hour adventure for your furry friend. We’ll take your dog off the beaten path and away from the mundane, providing them with a much-needed break from their daily routine. Whether you prefer a nature walk, a stroll through the local neighborhood, or an urban exploration, we can customize the experience to your dog’s preferences. This service is perfect for dogs who need extra exercise, socialization, or simply a change of scenery.

Your Pet Care Assistant will use a mobile app which tracks their GPS location, allowing our office to monitor their walk and verify your dog’s location at all times.  They’ll message you through the app as soon as the service is completed so you have a full report of everything that happened, along with pictures of your furry friend.

Choose a 30-minute Bronze service, a 45-minute Silver service, a 60-minute Gold service, or a 2-hour Adventure Walk service.

Bronze Walking Service – $30
20 Service Package – $540

Silver Walking Service – $40
20 Service Package – $720

Gold Walking Service – $50
20 Service Package – $900

2-Hour Adventure Walk Service – $90

Okemos, East Lansing, Haslett, Lansing, and Williamston, MI.

Benefits of Daily

Dog Walks

One Less Weekday Task to Worry About

We will walk your dog, so you have more time to focus on other things.

Mental Stimulation and Socialization

Daily dog walks keep dogs’ minds stimulated and less likely to develop destructive behaviors.

A Walked Dog is a Healthy and Happy Dog

Daily dog walks help keep the vet away and support a good social temperament.

Reinforce Training and Desired Behaviors

We will reinforce training commands and desired behaviors while on our walks.

Getting Started is Easy as 1-2-3

Schedule a Free Consultation

Questions?  Schedule a consultation to meet your dog walker and get answers.

Book Your Daily Walks

Easily book and manage your daily dog walking schedule from our mobile app.

Stop Worrying!

Focus on your work and free up your time. We have you covered and will send updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a walk anytime?

We provide dog walks 365 days a year.

Do you walk dogs in inclement weather?

We walk dogs in all sorts of weather every day, if it is safe to do so. We don’t walk if there is thunder and/or lightning. We take precautions in very cold or very hot weather to ensure that your dog remains safe. If we can’t safely be outside the entire time of the service, we make sure the dog gets out to take care of their elimination needs and then we play with them inside the rest of our time together.

Will we always have the same dog walker?

A primary walker will be assigned to your account. The primary walker will contact you prior to the start of services to set up a time to introduce themselves to you and your dog. We are sure they will quickly become a great friend to your dog. However, should you have any concerns about the walker, just let us know and we will be happy to make a change for you.

It is always possible that a backup walker might need to fill in from time to time, but you will be notified if a change is needed and you can be assured that your dog will always be walked if a walk is scheduled.

Can I book a specific time for a walk?

Walks are booked within a time window. We cannot promise a specific time for every walk, but we guarantee we will arrive within the time window.

Can I be sure my dog will be safe?

Safety is a top priority for us. Our dog walkers are certified in pet first aid and CPR and they have experience with dogs of all sizes and many breeds. While we want your dog to enjoy the delights of fresh air and good sniffing along the way, our policy is to keep your dog away from other humans and dogs while we are out walking. That way, everyone enjoys a safe and peaceful outing every time.

Can I cancel my walk if my plans change?

We appreciate notification of cancellations as soon as possible. However, if we have an hour’s notice prior to the start of the walk, you will not be billed for a cancellation.

Book a Free Consultation

A free consultation is the first step of our process. Following the consultation, you will be asked to complete an on-line profile in our scheduling application. After that, you can book the services you need. We are then available to help with your pets on an as-needed basis. A simple call, an email, or submitting our on-line contact form is all it takes to start the process.