Working with Prancing Poodle

Prancing Poodle is looking for a few good women and men to join our team of Pet Care Assistants. These part-time positions are best suited for individuals who wish to supplement their incomes. We do not offer full-time employment.

If you are interested in learning more about these positions, please read through this information and complete the job application. We will be in touch with you as soon as we receive your completed application.

All successful applicants must pass a comprehensive background check before an offer of employment will be extended.

What is Prancing Poodle Pet Care & Dog Walking Services?

Prancing Poodle is a full-service, in-home, pet sitting company. The pet care professionals employed by Prancing Poodle travel to our clients’ homes to perform the pet sitting duties outlined by our customers.

Our clients are located in the greater Lansing area, including Okemos, East Lansing, Lansing, Haslett, Holt, and Williamson.

Why Join Our Team?

Professional pet care is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.  If you love animals, you will LOVE this job!  Prancing Poodle offers:

  • Fuzzy Faces & Unconditional Love!
  • Employee Status
  • Competitive Compensation
  • Flexible Hours
  • Workers Compensation
  • Discounted Pet Sitting
  • Client Referral Bonuses
  • Sitter Referral Bonuses
  • Exercise & Fresh Air
  • Independence

We Provide Three Types of Services:

  1. In-home pet sitting: we visit clients’ homes 1-4 times per day to walk, feed and care for their pet(s).
  2. Overnight, in-home pet service: we spend the night in our clients’ homes; starting with a 1-hour dinner visit, followed by an 8-hour sleeping stay and a 1-hour morning visit.
  3. Mid-day dog walking: one visit per day, Monday through Friday, to visit and walk dogs.

Positions with Prancing Poodle

  • Mid-Day Dog Walkers
    • Must be available to walk dogs, Monday through Friday between the hours of 11 AM & 3:00 PM. The number of dogs you’ll walk on any given day will vary, based on the clients’ schedules and when they need pet care. You must be available all these days and all these hours.  
  • Pet Sitters
    • Pet Sitters visit our client’s home multiple times per day, therefore they need to be available throughout the day starting at 7 AM through 9 PM. Overnight Sitters spend the night at the client’s home.


Pet Care Assistants employed by Prancing Poodle may be classified as a Mid-Day Dog Walker, a Pet Sitter, or a combination of the two positions. This is based on your availability and what services you’re interested in offering to our clients.

Each Sitter/Walker is assigned to a specific area or areas. To start, we will schedule you in where we can until you build up your book of business in your area.

We keep our sitter’s assignments as close to their “home base” as possible to increase their profits. The usual travel distance is 2.5 to 8 miles… unless they have agreed to travel further.

Mid-Day Dog Walkers build their regular schedules by either inheriting the walks of another sitter or by adding on new clients that sign-up for service. Our regular Mid-Day clients retain the same “walker” until their relationship with Prancing Poodle or until the walker is no longer employed by Prancing Poodle. Our walkers visit their same clients in their route Monday through Friday based on the clients’ booking schedules.

Pet Sitters are chosen as the “primary sitter” for a client by the service areas that they cover and by their availability. After a sitter is assigned as the “primary sitter,” Prancing Poodle will make every attempt to book that same sitter for the client for subsequent bookings. If the primary sitter is unavailable then Prancing Poodle will assign a secondary sitter to the assignment using the same protocol as explained above.  A client may choose to meet with any back-up/secondary sitter, choose to have a phone conversation, or ask that we send the sitter without introduction.

We’re Looking for Long-Term Relationships

Prancing Poodle is interested in working with sitters who want to build a long-term relationship with our company and its clients. These are NOT good positions for those trying to find interim work while in-between jobs or trying to “figure-out” what their next career step is. Our clients come to trust their assigned Pet Care Assistants and appreciate it when they’re able to grow a trusted relationship with that person.

Prancing Poodle reserves the right to have Pet Care Assistants (employees) who are only providing pet sitting and dog walking services for Prancing Poodle Pet Care Services. We prefer not have sitters on our team who have their own service or currently work for another service.

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