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The Consultation

A free consultation is the first step in our process.  You can call, text, or complete the contact form to request a time for us to visit your home to meet your pet(s).  It’s important that we check out the chemistry!

At the consultation, we will gather important information about your pet(s) and any other special services you may require.  We will also determine how we will enter your home and collect any necessary keys and codes.  We ask for two keys, so that we have a back-up – just in case.

Then you can schedule regular or on-call visits.

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Our Visits

We come to your home to lavish care on your pet(s) in your absence. The services we provide will be predetermined, as will the length of time we spend.

We will leave a note about our visit and confirm the completion of the visit with you by text or email.

Finally, we will make certain your home is secure until your return.

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Payment is required prior to each service. PayPal, credit cards, cash, or check are accepted forms of payment.

A 10% discount will be extended to monthly subscribers. Prices quoted are applicable to homes with one or two pets. Additional pets (three or more) will be charged an additional $10 per pet, per visit.

Administration of medicine by mouth or injection is provided at no additional cost.

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