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Night Tails – Overnight Services for Pets and Their People

Prancing Poodle Pet Care Services came about because of my own personal issues with finding responsible pet care.  As a professional fund raiser at Michigan State University for more than a decade, I traveled extensively.  It was always difficult to find a pet care professional who would stay overnight with my dogs. My very senior toy poodle was on several medications for heart failure and I wasn’t comfortable leaving him and my other dogs alone for extended periods of time.  The best I could do was to find someone who would check in first thing in the morning and again in the evening.  That wasn’t good enough.   In fact, my sweet babydog left for the Rainbow Bridge while I was away on a trip and I have never really gotten over the guilt I feel about that.

Fast forward to today.  A significant number of my pet care clients hire me to be with their pets when they have to be away overnight.  This service allows me to keep a close eye on my charges and their home. I sleep over and share my bed with whichever pet(s) wants to join me.  Morning and evening walks and feeding schedules are maintained and I am back at noon for more exercise and attention.  Additional visits can be scheduled throughout the day if the pets need more attention.  Along the way, I am in daily contact with my human clients by whatever means they prefer.   Most often, they enjoy an evening video of their pets that includes my recap of the day’s adventures.  When I am providing overnight services, I offer a variety of housesitting services as well and generally do whatever is necessary to keep everything running smoothly and the pets in my care happy.

If you or someone you know is looking for the ultimate in personalized, overnight pet care, please contact me.  I provide peace of mind for traveling families and spend quality time with their pets in their absence.



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