Overnight Pet Sitting

Prancing Poodle Pet Care Services is pleased to offer clients overnight pet sitting service. Boarding at a kennel or your veterinarian’s office is not always the best option when you need to travel. The noise and proximity to other animals in the boarding facility can be difficult for pets used to the quiet of home. Playtime outside their crate is minimal. Personal attention is limited. Exposure to disease is a concern. Pets can usually spend a few nights at home alone without problems. A pet sitter visiting early in the morning, during the day, and late in the evening will meet their needs. But what happens when you need to be away for a week or longer?

Our overnight pet sitting service includes 8 hours of time spent with your pet(s) through the night. We let-out or walk dogs first thing in the morning and before bed if that is what they are used to. Our personal attention to their needs helps to keep them stress-free. Professional pet sitters rarely offer overnight service. The time commitment, being away from one’s own family and pets, and sleeping in an unfamiliar house in an unfamiliar neighborhood don’t contribute to a peaceful night’s sleep. But we believe pet owners need an option to boarding. If you prefer the safety and comfort of your home environment for your pets when you travel, having a Prancing Poodle Pet Care Services pet sitter spend the night will be your ticket to happier pets and greater peace of mind.



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