In-Home Care or Kennel? Here’s a Menu You and Your Pets Will Love

Potential clients sometimes have difficulty understanding how the cost of in-home pet care compares to the costs of a boarding facility or kennel.  If you are thinking about making the switch from boarding your pet at a veterinarian or boarding facility to leaving them at home in the care of a professional pet sitter, the following analogy may be helpful.

Think of a kennel or boarding facility as a restaurant. There are nice restaurants and there are not-so-nice restaurants, but regardless, you go to a restaurant if you want to have a meal. While at the restaurant, you may experience many things over which you have no control once you are there: you may have to wait to be seated or served, you may have to deal with the bad behavior of other patrons, you may get an unpleasant server, it may be too cold or too hot, service may be slow, the food may be sub-par, or you might not even like the menu!

Now, think of an in-home professional pet sitter as a personal chef. As does a personal chef, the pet sitter comes to your home, learns what you and your pet like and dislike, provides  services tailored to your specific needs, and serves you and your pet in the comfort of your own home.

You’d never expect a personal chef to charge you what you’d pay at a restaurant for that kid of personalized service, or we’d all have personal chefs!  Similarly, you will likely pay more for an in-home pet sitter than you would for a kennel.

The benefits of in-home pet care are many.  In-home pet sitting allows pets to remain in their home environment, where they are most comfortable, safe, and secure. As creatures of habit, animals thrive with routine and they crave stability.  At home, they don’t have to deal with noisy neighbors, a schedule that is different from what they like, and handlers who are taking care of many animals at one time.

At PPPCS, we have extensive experience in pet care, pet behavior, home care, accident prevention, emergency response, and more.  We are devoted to our furry clients and their health and happiness.  Our new client registration process ensures that we have all the information we need to provide loving care for your pets and specialized care for your home while you are away.  We always have back-up access to your home, so you never have to worry about service interruptions due to weather, power outages, or other surprises from Mother Nature.  There is no need for pick-ups and drop-offs, none of the risks for transmission of infectious diseases, and no concerns about your pet interacting with other unknown animals or humans.

With in-home pet care, you and your pet receive truly personalized service. Your pets will be happy, safe, and relaxed in the comfort of their own home until you rejoin them! That is a bargain at any price!



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