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We all want our dogs to live forever.  But obesity is the #1 health problem for dogs in the US.  If exercise is combined with a proper diet and lifestyle, you’ll effectively extend the time you’ll have together.

Walk with your dog every day and you’ll deepen the bond you share and enjoy the healthy benefits of an active lifestyle together.

overweight dog

If you are unable to commit to a daily walking program for your chubby friend, we will take over the walking program for you during the work-week and leave the weekend for the two of you to enjoy together.

Our Walkies program follows a veterinarian-designed 5-week walking program that combines an aerobic component with time to “smell the roses.”

Before starting a weight-loss walking program, your dog will need to be cleared by your vet. Don’t forget to check that your dog’s nails and short and healthy. For most overweight or obese dogs with normal heart and lung function, normal blood pressure, and no other pre-existing medical conditions, we will start out with 30-minute walks five times a week and gradually extend the walks to 60 minutes over a five-week period.

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Here is a sample schedule:

Week 1 30 minutes total 10 minutes brisk followed by 20 minutes casual pace
Week 2 30 minutes total 15 minutes brisk followed by 15 minutes casual pace
Week 3 30 minutes total 20 minutes brisk followed by 10 minutes casual pace
Week 4 35-40 minutes total 30 minutes brisk followed by 5-10 minutes casual pace
Week 5 35-60 minutes total Two 20- to 30-minute walks per day
15-25 minutes brisk followed by 5 minutes casual pace

A head halter or a walking harness will be the only equipment required.  Dogs must be trained to walk on a leash.

Walkies will be offered only during times of the year when temperatures exceed 40 degrees and are less than 85 degrees.